I am going home today, and I am very much looking forward to it. Being at boarding school I only go home a few weekends each term, as well as school holidays. I love boarding, but it certainly makes me appreciate my family and friends at home. I love the fact that when at home I can be myself, I can talk with the people who know me best, I am surrounded by familiar sounds (or lack of!), smells, warmth and love. I get a chance to pat my dogs, sleep in my bed, lounge on my own couch and eat home-cooked meals. All these thoughts of home has got me thinking though...what is home to others? Home is different for everyone, and personally I don't think it has to be a place. Home could be a place, a time, a hobby, a person, a book, a personality, work, a country, food, a website or blog, or whatever else makes you feel completely comfortable. There is a great saying that sums up this idea; "Home is where the heart is."

So, where is your home? Where do you find the most love and joy in your life?

Keep smiling :)