A Cure for Obesity...

the cure for obesityToday I went on a tour of a university, more importantly a tour of the medical and health sciences part of the uni. Whilst listening to a lady explain all the different studies available and what to expect as a student of each degree we visited the biology lab. She pointed us to an experiment and explained how they are investigating the chemical compounds in squid ink and the effect that has on the marine life that encounter the ink. She went on to talk about how it is believed the compounds in the ink has the effect of making the predators (in the sea) think they are full, so they will stop preying on the squid. I was there thinking this sounds all fine and dandy, great for Mr Squid down there trying to escape some killer fish. Then she said that they are hoping to extract and use that compound to make the, wait for it, "cure for obesity!" My first thought was "But we already have the cure, well really you shouldn't need a cure, because if you eat naturally and healthily like our bodies were designed to, you want become OBESE!!!" I have only been seriously interested in nutrition for the last year or so, but it always amazes me how misguided and ill-informed the general population can be about nutrition. The food pyramid is bogus, our doctors think the only cure comes in the form of a little white pill and our scientists are spending time trying to extract compounds from squid ink.... this can't be right!

Every time I tell someone that I am gluten-free and sugar free, they first ask why. I explain simply that I feel better and it is better for me to live a life free of these two substances. Then, nearly everyone I speak to says "But, don't you need sugar? Don't you need the carbs to give you energy? What do you eat?" OMG! It's not their fault but as a whole society has NO idea the impact nutrition and what we eat has on our lives. And to answer the questions of those people, no I don't need sugar, I have plenty of energy without carbs and I eat everything that is good and green and natural!

I can only hope that one day people like me, like my parents and like the other health-concious people out there will be in the vast majority, living free of disease or addiction.

Keep healthy! :)