random acts of kindnessKarma is one concept I truly, wholly believe in. The idea that what goes around comes around is so simple, yet makes so, so, SO much sense. If you're good to others and kind, then good things will happen to you and kind people will come into your life. It's very similar to positive thoughts, in the way that your good and positive actions will manifest into tangible things in your life. I like the idea of random acts of kindness and the karma that comes with that. Doing little things, kind things for others not only gives you a huge boost of endorphins but creates in general a kinder society. I am always on the look out for people who need a hand, I always give as much as I can to the genuine and reliable charities and I try to be a good citizen in smaller ways. In the past few weeks a few examples of my own random acts of kindness include picking up the bus ticket that an old lady dropped, opening doors for anyone and everyone and smiling at all who I come into contact with. I believe that smiling is one of the simplest but easiest ways to not only make you happier, but make those who see you happy.

Sometimes I worry that my generation, being Gen X has a bad reputation for being self-centred, rude and ignorant on a whole. In many ways I agree, I know plenty of people my age who are mean, self-obsessed and really don't care for anyone else and who couldn't care for all the struggling citizens of the world. But I also know so many kind and caring, who give up their time to help others and want to change the world for good.

Random acts of kindness is a simple way to make a huge and positive difference to the lives of others and yourself, whether it be helping a stranger in the street, doing a good deed, donating your time, money or skills. The most important thing is that it is simple and kind.

Karma is a lovely idea, that encourages the good and kindness in everyone. I love karma, I love collecting good karma and I try to avoid bad karma. What do you think of karma? Do you love random acts of kindness?