The Bucket List

the bucket listI am sure most people out there have seen or at least heard of The Bucket List. A movie about two men both suffering terminal illnesses who realise they don't have very long left to live, so they make a list of things to do before they 'kick the bucket' and set about ticking off every thing on their list. It is a touching and inspiring movie with lots of important messages to be heard. The Bucket List highlights the importance of living life to the fullest, acting now instead of sitting around waiting for your dreams to come true and having goals or a vision or something to look forward to. When the end comes, your life won't be about how many hours you worked, how much money you made, how many awards you won or the things you didn't like. Life is about the things and people you love, about being the best person you can be, it's about living in the moment whilst planning for the future and living your dreams. You only get one shot, once chance and if you always say you will do it 'one day' then that day might never come!

Daily routine is a necessary part of life and it probably won't go so well if you wake up, drop you life and just run after all your dreams at once, however if you are living a life of misery, or one that lacks happiness, then you're not really living at all. As I am nearing the end of school I am becoming more aware of having to choose a career path. Whilst people keep reminding me to do something I love, I am also being reminded that just because you choose one thing, doesn't mean you will be stuck there forever. It's your choice to do what you love, or if you can't, love what you do! A positive attitude can literally change a life.

A bucket list is a great tool for looking to the future, remembering your loves and passions and is a place for all your hopes and dreams to come together. Like an inspiration board, a bucket list collects lots of small and spontaneous goals into one large piece of life. It reminds you to live in the moment. The other lovely thing about a bucket list is no ones is ever the same, everyone has different ambitions and so each bucket list is unique. Here is just some of my own personal bucket list:

  • To volunteer in a refuge camp or orphanage.
  • To be bi or multi lingual.
  • To travel to every country at least once.
  • To work on the ski slopes for a season.
  • To live to be 100.
  • To donate blood.
  • To meet Tom Daley.
  • To write a book.
  • To change the world.

So, I guess mine is a lot of rather large dreams and some I have no idea how to begin doing, but I like knowing that I have dreams and things to aspire to. I have already checked off a few things from my bucket list, because believe it or not, starting my own nutrition/positivity blog was on there!

Lastly, the importance of living in the moment is so huge. I had an epiphany not long ago, I had this idea in my head that "I will be happy when..." I was living for the future, always waiting for certain milestones or dates, but then once I reached that point in time I turned my attention to a new focus in the future. This meant I was living in a cycle of working to get somewhere, telling myself I will be happy once I get there, only to ignore the fact that I reached my goal. At this moment I realised something, I had to stop living in the future and start living in the present. It occurred to me that each day only comes once, then it is gone, so I had to treat every day like it was special, amazing, incredible and my last. I learnt to be spontaneous, to laugh randomly and have fun and occasionally do something a bit wild. This is the purpose and idea of a bucket list, to help you live in the moment.

So I encourage everyone to write your own bucket list, or if you have one read it again, add to it and stick it on the fridge or somewhere that you will be reminded of your dreams everyday. If you're not so good with words, then a pin board of pictures and quotes is perfect. As long as it has all your dreams, aspirations and positivity on it!

Keep positive and let me know, what's on your bucket list? :)