5-Day Juice Detox-Day 1:

fatsickandnearlydeadSo as of this morning I have officially begun my first real juice detox. I am aiming for 5 days, which will take me to Friday. I have had vegetable juice before on and off but never for a whole week so wish me luck! Anyway, I was inspired to do a juice detox after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (for more info check out my Resources & More Info page, or go directly to the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead website). On the website you can watch the trailer for the film, go to the Join the Reboot site where you can learn about doing your own juice detox. Basically, juice detoxing floods your body with nutrients and cleans out any toxins or bad food that may have accumulated. It is faster than a food detox, because juice is so easy to digest and benefit from. It is one of the essential components of the Gerson Therapy as it gives the body the nutrients it needs to repair itself, thus preventing and reversing illness. I am allowing myself to have fresh fruit and vegetable juice, protein shakes so that I don't lose too much muscle, herbal teas and water (of course!). This morning I started off with a lovely green concoction of celery, silver beet, green apple and carrots. I have to say it looked very vile, but tasted quite nice. So that is one juice down, 14 to go! I will post pictures and recipes as I go and keep you updated on my week of juicing :)

Please comment if you would like to know more about juice detoxing or any other detox that you are considering? Or if you have any general questions for me :)

Keep healthy!