Juice Detox Day 2: Update

juicesSo... my first juice detox hasn't gone to plan. I had gone in with a lovely vision of myself enjoying juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst being glowing with good health and singing praises of the detox. However on that afternoon of day 1 I had a major drop in energy and then felt like sleeping for all of eternity. I had a headache and felt worse than I had in about four months. That night I had wild mood swings and couldn't fall asleep. So I certainly wasn't feeling the detox glow that I had expected. Eventually my mum intervened and made me eat dinner. I felt slightly better, but still awful. So this morning when I woke up I did a touch of researching online for the side effects and it turns out it probably isn't for everyone. Side effects include mood swings, lack of energy, and diarrhoea plus many more. Check out more info here.

So after thinking about the effects juice has on my body and the options I have I decided I am NOT suited to a complete fast, and thank god I figured it out on day one, not five! Considering that I am still growing, I am sitting at a perfect weight, I do quite a lot of physical activity and I normally eat fair bit of food each day, perhaps living on vegetable juice for a week just won't work for me.

Juice detoxes are certainly full of health benefits, and the phitonutrients juices provide are second to none, but like anything there is a down side. For me the cons were ones I can't ignore. But I am not giving up on juice detoxing, instead I am having my three juices a day, and two small meals (breakfast and dinner), and a protein shake for lunch. This way I am still receiving the health benefits and nutrients, and getting the calories I need to function normally day to day.

So, if you want to do juice detoxing I still think it is great for getting essential nutrients, but if you need more calories to get through, combine a few small, clean, healthy meals with juices to make the most of the health benefits without side effects.

Keep healthy :)