Juice Detox Day 3:

So after coming to the conclusion that I am not yet ready for a full five day juice fast, my detox has been going very well. I have been having a juice with at meal times and eating small meals to keep my blood sugar up so I don't have a the wild side effects of day one! This morning I had a pineapple, silverbeet and spinach juice with a small bowl of cereal with lots of chia seeds to aid the detox. At lunch I had a cucumber, celery and pineapple juice with a small bowl of stem. I am starting to feel the benefits of the detox, I am feeling cleaner and lighter.

Even though I wasn't completely successful with my fasting this time I look forward to regularly doing juice 'reboots' in the future and reaping the benefits of juice. I admire those who do juice detoxes regularly and I would love to hear some more juice detox success stories, or even just stories like mine. Two days to go! Love juice :)

Keep healthy!