Coconut Oil Body Butter

I have discovered another wonderful product that I feel the need to share. Coconut oil. Not only is it a healthy, good fat filled, yummy and easy to use oil in cooking, it is great for your skin too. As you may have discovered many recipes that are gluten and sugar free use coconut oil as an alternative to butter and nastier, cheaper oils such as canola. Coconuts are a super food and hence their oil is packed full of goodies for your body, too many vitamins, minerals and good fats to name, let alone remember!

But more recently I have developed a love for the cosmetic side of coconut products. Coconut is often mentioned or used as the base for cosmetics, but a million other ingredients are also added. Personally, I find it way better just by itself. Coconut oil/butter is natures moisturiser, easily absorbed, not greasy, natural, free of chemicals and other weird things they put in your normal moisturisers, it smells beautiful and gives your dry skin an instant healthy glow. Oh, and did I mention it's great value for money also, a small jar shouldn't cost more than $15 or $20, and will last you a good while. I use coconut oil on my legs, hands, lips and sometimes a bit on my face. The oil/butter can get a bit hard, if this happens simply pop it in the microwave for a bit until it has softened to a nice spreadable consistency.

So there you have my simple, natural, chemical, additive and cruelty free, beautiful, and affordable alternative to the traditional body moisturisers. Let me know what you think :)