Health; as simple as H2O

Water. It's obviously the most essential liquid on this planet. We need it more than we realise. It is the cure to nearly everything that could possibly go wrong. It is clean, natural, beautiful and simple.

Increasingly in modern society we are choosing soft drinks, alcohol, concentrated sugary juices, coffee and milkshakes over our most basic need. As delicious as these drinks are they provide little hydration in the long run and simply cannot replace water as the liquid in your diet. In fact many sugary, caffeine-filled drinks actually DEHYDRATE you. Not only this they are full of (bad) fat, sugar, additives, sweeteners and colours that damage your body every time you consume them, causing a multitude of health problems, far too many to name. Unfortunately, I have met so many people for whom water is almost unheard of in their day to day life, they live off the sugar rush and energy spikes of sweet drinks. I imagine the poor bodies of these people are constantly dehydrated and craving water.

Now onto the benefits of drinking water. Drinking water cures headaches, flushes toxins from your body, helps prevent ageing (in fact cell dehydration is one of the leading causes of ageing), boosts immunity, cures thirst, keeps skin hydrated, lessens risk of cancer (whereas sugary drinks increase it!), aids digestion, keeps brain function high, boosts energy, improves quality of sleep (sugary, caffeine rich drinks definitely work against a good night's rest), replace fluids lost through sweat and helps keep you slim. Water is naturally calorie-free, but also thirst is often mistaken for hunger and so people eat when not actually hungry. Next time you feel peckish, but you have recently eaten try a few glasses of water and wait 20-30 minutes to see if the hunger resides. Water is an obvious starting place for any health improvements. Slowly add water, whilst slowly reducing other drinks.

The daily recommendation is for at least 8 glasses or two litres of water. Common sense says drink as much as you need to stay feeling fabulous, because by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Water is such a simple answer, it is healthy, accessible and vitally essential. Every restaurant has water and if you want something a bit more interesting try natural sparkling mineral water. It has all the health properties of water with a bubbly, refreshing touch. San Pellegrino is my personal favourite.

So drink up and enjoy your H2O!