Morning Chocolate Milkshake

Breakfast is often a difficult meal to find something quick, easy and healthy, but this morning I was in the mood for some blending so I grabbed a few ingredients and whizzed away. The result; a healthy, protein and superfood, chocolate smoothie (or milkshake!). It was tasty and filling without being heavy and a great way to start my day. Here is my recipe for my very simple Morning Chocolate Milkshake:


1 serve of protein powder (vanilla or chocolate flavour)

Natural yogurt

A dash of water or full cream organic milk

A generous handful of raw cacao nibs/powder.

Method: Blend for a minute, adding more water or milk if it is too thick. Pour into glass and enjoy! You can add absolutely anything to this that you like, I had strawberries this morning. Things such as berries (fresh or frozen), chia seeds, goji berries, bananas, any fruit really or superfood! Go wild and blend like crazy. Smoothies are the perfect, quick breakfast fix.

Keep healthy :)

Let me know what your favourite breakfast smoothie mix is!