The Power of Visualisation

The secret to achieving your goals-visualise.Visualisation. Inspiration boards. Meditation. Affirmations. Goals. Whatever form it takes, visualisation is a powerful tool in helping anyone to live the life they dream of. By imagining who you want to be, what you want to do and how you want to live you greatly increase the chance of that becoming a reality. In a very similar way to positive affirmations, visualisation begins a process of transformation in your subconscious. It might sound like voodoo, but the power of visualisation cannot be underestimated. Now days it is quite common for athletes to use visualisation to help them improve their speed, accuracy and technique. For example, a gymnast might visualise doing a perfect routine over and over in their head, but to the subconscious this is just as beneficial as physically doing  the routine. Then through visualisation the athlete prepares their body, increases the chances of a flawless routine and creates mental focus.

Visualisation can also be used to help you achieve good health and balance in your life. In the latest Food Matters film 'Hungry for Change' they explain the connection between weight loss and health and visualisation. Through visualising the body you want and good health your body automatically begins to develop into the healthy body of your dreams.

I say it again and again, but the power of positive thinking is amazing and so use as many affirmations as you need daily to change your life. Visual to achieve your goals.

Keep positive & visualising.

P.S. Want to know what I am visualising? Berry, Berry Happy with thousands of followers! :)