So You Had A Bad Day...

In the wise words of my dad "Some days you're the bug and some days you're the windscreen." It's such a simple and truthful saying, some days just don't go your way, it seems as if the world is pitted against you and complete and utter failure is the only future. You know, the days when you just want to curl up on the couch with a huge tub of ice-cream, watch the Notebook and sob endlessly? Yeah, those days... Whether it be a break-up, disappointment, losing a job, failing a test, missing an opportunity, a fight with a friend, an illness or any other negative event, some times you have a bad day. It happens to the best of us and is truly unavoidable. But what can you do when you've had a bad day, how can you bounce back, bigger and better than ever? 1. Accept that you've had a bad day

Accept that things didn't go your way, that you're not happy, that the day was far from your finest. By accepting the mistakes and errors of your day you can move on and get over it. By hanging onto the bad day it only manifests into even more bad, badder and baddest days. Always remember that by the time a bad day is over, it's now in the past, is no longer the present, so it shouldn't worry you.

2. Be positive and thankful

Say as many affirmations and positive things as is humanly possible. It might seem laborious if you have had a bad day, but it will ultimately push the negative thoughts out of your mind and make room for happiness again. Also, instead of focussing on the things that didn't go right, that didn't work out, thank the universe for the things that did go right, remember and list all the reasons why you're blessed in your life. It's impossible to be grumpy when you're being grateful.

3. SmileĀ 

Smile, it releases happy hormones, it relaxes the frown and reinstates the positive mood that is so important. Smiling reminds you that you have joy in your life and in the world.

4. Remember life is a journey

Life is made of ups and downs. Remember that it is the bad days and the negatives that make us appreciate and realise the good days and the positives. At the end of your life, you won't look back and be proud of how much money you made, how successful you were, how many possessions you accumulated or how perfect your life was, no, you will cherish the imperfect but priceless parts and people in your life.

5. Exercise

Whilst it might be the last thing you feel like doing, lace up those runners and get that heart racing. Outside is even better, especially on a sunny day. A quick walk in the sunlight is an awesome anti-depressant and mood lifter. The endorphins released when you exercise are powerful mood boosters and are responsible for that post energy buzz.

6. Lend a hand

7. Cry!

Get out your saddest movie or listen to the saddest song on your iPod, because sometimes all you need to do is have a good old sob. The reason for your bad day could be too many emotions bottled up together, just waiting to spontaneously combust. If this is the case having a cry can release the tension and emotions that are causing problems and stress. Next time you need to let it all out, do just that!

8. Meditate

Meditation is the epitome of peace and tranquility which makes it the perfect antidote to a bad day. Find a quiet and peaceful spot, sit or lay down, listen to some calming music and let all your worries fly away with each breath.

9. Do something you love

Whether it be sitting down with your favourite book, chatting over a cup of tea with your best friend, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or tending to your herb garden, doing what you love or what makes you happy is a simple answer to a bad day.

10. Shower & Sleep

Take a nice shower or hot bath and with let the water wash away the negativity, the anxieties, the worries and the bad. Say your affirmations before hitting the sack for a well deserved rest. By the time you rise in the morning it will be a new day, a fresh day and a second chance. Your bad day is history and it's never coming back!

Remember always, all the strength, love, happiness and joy that you could ever need is inside of you.

Keep happy, Erica :)

P.S. I had a bad day today. Not super bad, but just not great. But guess what, tomorrow is going to be AMAZING!