Teen Angst

It's a well-known and accepted truth that your teenage years are some of the most confusing and difficult of your whole life. That's certainly not to say that life isn't just slightly challenging all the time, but it seems that as you grow older and gain more maturity the little things don't matter so much and you learn to accept yourself more. In a way I look forward to ageing, to discovering my place in the world, doing what I love and travelling EVERYWHERE! But I am happy as I am, because often the most challenging times in our lives are also the most exciting, most rewarding and most special. Everyday I see all my peers and friends around me, each struggling with their own insecurities, issues and problems. Some of my friends are quite content, easy going, confident and aren't too fazed by all the change, whilst others stress about every possible thing imaginable, worry that they will never be good enough for anyone and live with constant negativity on replay in their minds. Trust me, I can tell. It wasn't so long ago that I was the highly insecure and anxious teenage girl, the one who truly believed she was too fat, too ugly, too smart, too dumb, too serious, too boring and too insignificant, when in reality I was none of these things! Of course if you have read my About Me page you will know the story of how I went from the girl I just described to the much happier and positive girl I am today, so there is no need to recite that again. But to condense story I discovered the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations and applied it to my everyday life and within a few months I had basically eradicated negative thoughts from my train of thought. Obviously it's not perfect yet, I still have negative thoughts that creep in, but I repeat my affirmations every day and I think this alone helps me to deal with the natural insecurities that come with being a teenager.

It seems like in the modern day and age, being a teenager is a very difficult thing. I don't know whether it is necessarily harder or easier than in the past, but the combination of social media, school, technology, pressures and expectations from society, friends, parents and a myriad of other concerns it does appear that teenage plates are fuller than ever. Social media is great for staying in touch with close friends, but it adds a whole new dimension of pressure, social etiquette and expectations and emphasizes popularity more than ever before. If you don't have a million friends you're not cool, if no one 'likes' your photo you're ugly, if you fight with someone publicly everyone else weighs in and if you don't conform to the trends of your peers then you're not normal.

The pressure to be 'normal' so often drowns out any personality, individuality and uniqueness. But how can there be normal when people are different, special and unique in their own right. It doesn't make sense, but most teenagers would much rather be the same as everyone else than risk the possibility of being quirky or unusual.

The point to all of this is that I wish, I hope and I dream for a day when teenagers all realise the power of positive and practice positivity daily, because I believe it could be the answer or cure to many typical teen problems. I have said it so many times and I will say it again, the power of positive thinking CANNOT be underestimated. I try to spread the joy and positivity to my peers and many do comment on my almost insistent upbeat nature, but few are yet to follow suit. Still, my advice to everyone and anyone out there; think positive so you become positive, be happy so others around you become happy.

That's all for this morning, have a wonderful day!

Keep happy, Erica :)