The Crazy Things I Have Heard...

It seems like everyone these days has their own health philosophy and idea about what is good for you, you only have to look at me as the perfect example! However, I gather my information from quite reliable sources, as opposed to trashy magazines and persuasive marketing, and I like to evaluate it objectively before I decide whether I agree with what they are trying to tell me. I also love facts, because science is a bit more reliable and consistent than Jenny's miraculous story of weight-loss through to the cookie diet! I thought today I would share some of the interesting, funny and outright crazy things I have heard people say about health; here goes! "But won't you like die if you don't eat ANY sugar! That can't be good for you!" -no, I won't die, actually I will probably live a lot, lot longer.

"Well I drink a diet soft drink a day and I don't plan on changing it!" -good for you, just watch out for all those nasty artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners...

"I am on a healthy eating diet, but can I have one chocolate biscuit...Please! I will go for a run to burn off the calories." -I am sure you can burn off the biscuit by running, but I don't think the sugars, colours, gluten and other preservatives should really be a part of a 'healthy, balanced' diet. (This person then went on to eat more than one chocolate biscuit)

"Cutting out a whole food group, especially gluten (carbs) is terribly detrimental to your health. Why are you doing it?" -true, in a sense that absolutely zero carbs is not good, but there is carbs in plenty of health grains such as quinoa or brown rice. It worked fine for our ancestors, and they died from being mauled by a wild beast as opposed to dying from cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

"Yeah, I eat a lot of crap. But I have good genes, I don't put on weight so I am not going to worry!" -it's great that you look healthy, but I am pretty sure your insides are NOT healthy at all, your cells will be damaged and your organs struggling. It's only a matter of time.

The thing is I love talking about nutrition, so much so that if people get me onto the topic it's rare that I will leave it. I love sharing my knowledge about it and collecting even more information about all things health so that I can make informed decisions about what I eat and do and so that I can help others to do the same.

Keep healthy :)

Note: the views about health I express are mine and mine alone. I don't wish to say that I am entirely right or that anyone else is wrong, but I try my best to be factual and true to my word.