Ten Great Reasons to Drink Tea

Tea, especially the herbal and green varieties, has long been known for the myriad of health benefits it possesses. Whether you already drink lots of tea or you have never had a cup, here are a few reasons why it should become a part of your daily routine! 1. Longevity

For centuries the people in Japan and China have consumed mainly green tea as part of their healthy balanced diet. It is believed that the antioxidants in the tea are one of the many reasons why they have some of the highest life expectancies in the world. That and their overall healthy, balanced and plant based diet.

2. Immunity

Tea is known to boost your natural immunity to disease and illness. This is great in winter when colds are rampant and easy to catch, so drink up!

3. Radiation

There have been studies done that are beginning to find a link between the antioxidants and tea and prevention from the harmful effects of radiation. With the increase in radiation in the modern world in the forms of microwaves, mobile phones and radio signals, drinking tea is a good way to counteract this instead of trying to avoid it all together.

4. Cancer Prevention

The antioxidants and flavonoids found in tea once again are hugely beneficial in preventing and fighting cancer and tumour growth. Not only this but the list of diseases that tea can help to prevents is extensive and includes heart disease, diabetes, clogged arteries, stress related disease, neurological disease and many more.

5. Good for your pearly whites

There are compounds in tea that help prevent acid build up, plague and bacteria growth in your mouth, which leads to better overall teeth and gum health.

6. Digestion

Feeling a bit full? Stomach cramps after eating? Just not quite right in the gut? Drink a cup of tea. Tea has been used to aid good digestion and ease the effects of upset stomachs for many years. All tea is good, but I find peppermint tea particularly good for settling my stomach.

7. Weight loss and metabolism

Tea is excellent for stimulating the metabolism with caffeine, but is healthier than coffee. Also, flavanoids in green tea have been shown to speed up your body's natural rate of calorie burning. Also, tea is a very low calorie drink, often as little as zero calories per cup, which is as good as water.

8. Strong Bones

Once again the flavonoids are great for building strong dense bones and therefore preventing bone diseases and also arthritis.

9. Cell Health

Our body is made up of billions of cells, each with their own job to perform. By keeping your cells in optimal health it means your body is almost invincible against disease and will function at it's absolute maximum potential. Once again the antioxidants and flavonoids in tea help improve cell function, cell health and prevent DNA damage from free radicals, which results in better overall health.

10. It's Yummy!

Tea is a delicious, heart warming beverage with a variety and flavour to suit everyone! You can drink as much as you like, as often as you like and it is unlikely that there will be any negative health effects. It is believed that some Japanese people drink as many as 10-20 cups of green tea a day!  Drink up and keep healthy :)

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