Riding the Ups and Downs

I believe a part of being happy in life, and living a full life is being able to ride the ups and downs of life. I am sure you all know what I mean, some times you have a bad day, a bad week and sometimes just a bad period of time in general. Often it is something in your life that is stressful or serious and other times you just have a little lull.

Although I believe in the power of positive thoughts and in true positivity 100% of the time, I haven't mastered this as of yet. I don't however like to believe that just because I have a day that feels a bit off that I am not happy. I am happy, I am happy all the time, however life is not perfect, that is just the truth.

Riding ups and downs is an art, you have to remain positive, affirm yourself daily and be grateful for the things you do have. I find the unhappiest of people are those who are never thankful, never appreciative and those who choose to focus on the bad, the negative and all of the things they lack. Is that really any way to live? Not for me!

There are plenty of sayings and quotes all about how life can change and about the fact that challenges are what make us stronger. One which I like to remember in not so great times is "It might be raining now, but it can't rain forever." Of course, sometimes you have the power to stop this metaphorical rain, either by making a change or changing your attitude. Other times it is all a matter of letting things die down or pass before continuing on your merry way. However, in saying that if you have been stuck in a rut for a long time, or don't feel like you're living life to the fullest I would say you get drink a litre of positivity and see how you feel (not literally, of course!) Positivity has the power to change your attitude and your outlook of life and truly brighten life. Some great affirmations I like to use in these circumstances include:

I am beauty and love.

I am happy.

My life is perfect and complete.

Each day is a gift that I accept with open arms.

I am strong.

I am free from anxiety and worry.

I am positive, bubbly, energetic and fun!

I hope that all of this helps and keep in mind that the biggest component of a happy life is how you view your life. Change your thoughts and you change your world! Meditate, relax and enjoy life.

Keep happy :)