Welcome to Spring!

I have to say, the first two days of spring have been gorgeous! Personally, I love spring and summer time, I love hot weather, I love cold smoothies, I love swimming and water skiing and days spent on the beach. I love the sunshine and the warmth of each and every day, so I was very pleased to see the sun show its face yesterday. Spring is a great time to soak up some Vitamin D, read books out in the backyard, plant some fruit or vegetable plants in preparation for summer and much, much more. I am planning plenty of yummy, healthy, gluten and sugar free summer recipes in the next few months and hopefully some holidays pics too. But for now I am happy just letting the new light stream in.

Maybe you're thinking it's time to spring clean...your house, your health or your life! The new month, new season and new sunshine is certainly inspiring me, and is the perfect time to start again with a fresh burst of motivation.

I thought perhaps today could be a question and answer day, so any health or positive thinking questions you have for me, ask away and I will do my best to answer :)

Keep happy, healthy and enjoy the sunshine, Erica.