Why Simple is Often VERY Hard

When it comes to health and wellbeing, positive thinking, a balanced life and so on, it seems the answers are always the least complicated, most straight-forward and simple. For example, the whole positive thinking philosophy states that all you have to do is think positively about yourself, your life and your world and it will magically transform into a life of your dreams. Similarly, healthy eating all centres around eating whole produce, ingredients as close to nature as possible and steering clear of pesticides, fungicides, additives, sugar, sweeteners etc, etc... Exercise regularly to maintain good health. Yet, all of these seemingly simple solutions are often very difficult for the average person to put into practice. They all have one key thing in common, EFFORT! Perhaps this is why diets are so popular, because although they demand willpower and effort, it is only for usually a short or pre-determined period of time. Most people can deal with this for the short-term, but the reality is that wellbeing through food is a life-long, ongoing and rather large change that needs to be put into place. Again, with positive thinking, although the overall concept seems simple, it requires you to be constantly aware of your thoughts, to be mindful, and to put effort into changing these thoughts. I know many people who refuse to accept or try this way of thinking and who would much prefer simply to wait for happiness to come and find them...Sorry, to break it to you, it's not going to happen!

And a lot of modern doctors keep searching for cures for diseases and cancers, when it seems to me that prevention is always better than a cure. A healthy lifestyle is again a simple way to prevent a huge number of diseases and cancers, however it does require consistent and prolonged effort and awareness about what you eat and what you do to your body. So many people keep searching for quick fixes, cures, the easy option out, one that doesn't require effort, because effort is hard even if the answer is simple.

But keep trying, because every accomplishment begins with a decision to try. The answers are quite simple and available, it's up to you to put them into action.

Keep healthy, keep happy :) have a great day!