How to Lose Your Sweet Tooth

One of the biggest changes I have noticed since reducing my sugar intake, is the decreasing number of sugar cravings I get for foods that I once food irresistible... There is a theory that sugar is as addictive as a drug and that as long as you keep eating it, you will continue to crave it, badly! As you wean yourself off of sugar you get cravings, withdrawal symptoms, headaches, the real deal. As I continue to eat less and less sugar (although I still eat fruit freely) I notice that my old favourites slowly lose their appeal. Where I once couldn't go past ice cream, lollies, cake and biscuits and ordinary chocolate, I now have the willpower to refuse. Every person that I have spoken to who have done similar sugar reduction has experienced the same freedom from intense sugar cravings, making life and clean eating a LOT easier. Yes, it can be hard at times and yes you will give in at times, but the decision to try is one I would recommend everyone make.

Of course, I still have favourites and my sweet tooth isn't completely dead; for example I love raw dark chocolate, which is at least full of powerful antioxidants and gluten-free brownies are truly my weakness!!

Good luck, let me know how you find sugar free life!

Keep healthy :)