Start the Countdown!

I was very, very, VERY excited to hear that the awesome people from the Food Matters and Hungry for Change films are bringing out their first book (with the exception of the recipe book, which is wonderful!). It is the Hungry for Change book and it is due to be released on October 6th 2012! I first watched the Food Matters film at the end of last year and as my dad likes to put it, it was "mind blowing". And he isn't far from the truth. The knowledge, the nutritional facts, the stories, the studies, the honest, raw truth in the film is incredible! I could watch it every day. A lot of Food Matters was blowing the drug industry wide open and exposing the failure in modern medicine, where Hungry for Change focussed more heavily on sugar, processed food and how we can fix our diets to heal our bodies. I have read the first chapter of the book and I am truly sure that reading it will open my eyes even further into the world of true and lasting health.

People often talk about epiphanies or moments that changed their lives, well for me watching these two films was right up there! Although I was already beginning to dabble in to nutrition and a healthy, balanced diet the films inspired and motivated me to make bigger, longer lasting changes and also the information I needed to help others make better choices. Not only that but after watching Food Matters I became 100% sure of what I want to do once I finish school, that is become a doctor like those who speak in the documentaries. I am now working towards studying medicine at university with the hope of becoming an integrative wellness practitioner in the future.

I honestly could watch either of the films endlessly, because of the sheer volume and magnitude of the information and so I am waiting readily for the release of the book (which I plan to get on my Kindle, to save paper!).

Get excited and inspired! :)