Join Me! Two Week Express Detox

Sorry for the neglect over the past few days, I have been keeping busy. On Monday 24th September, marks the first day of my two week detox. I have done this food detox before and basically you eat clean, gluten, sugar and processed food free for two weeks, whilst supplementing with detoxing and cleansing supplements such as spirulina and chlorella. You don't have to eat any less or enjoy food less, but it is like an oil change for your body, it cleans out the pipes and freshens up your insides! In previous attempts before I was gluten free I noticed a huge change in how well I felt during the two weeks of detox, now I realise it was due to the fact that I was gluten intolerant yet ate it in my day to day life, making detox my first experience without wheat. This time the detox food 'do and don'ts' list is far less daunting as it closely resembles what I eat everyday. I would like to invite any of you to join me, commit two weeks of your life to wellness and good health and I am sure you will be surprised at the results! I will be providing some detox recipe ideas over two weeks and support as well, there will never be a better time than right now to start, start today! Here is a basic overview of the detox rationale that I follow:

  • No processed foods, baked goods or just generally unhealthy, deep-fried or take out foods.
  • No sugar, wheat or dairy, with the exception of mozzarella cheese if you're not intolerant to dairy (not sure why this is, I will let you know, something to do with the way mozzarella is made)
  • No alcohol, soft drinks or coffee, just water, juices and herbal/green teas.
  • Limited grains, small servings of brown rice, quinoa and rice products (rice cakes) are allowed.
  • Plenty of vegetables and fruit, preferably organic, white potatoes are limited due to high starch levels.
  • Daily inclusion of nuts, seeds and legumes for added good fats and fibre to clean out your digestive system.
  • Lean animal protein every day, such as chicken, fish, lamb, beef.
  • Supplement with a natural detoxing potion such as chlorella or spirulina.

Two weeks of clean eating allows your body the chance to clean out and often as a result people will lose weight easily if your body is carrying a little extra padding. I would certainly recommend that everyone does this at least twice a year, just like the oil change in a car or teeth clean at the dentist.

So let me know, are you going to commit to a two week detox? I am only three days in and I already feel better :)