Chicken Falafel Burger with Smashed Avocado

falafel burger 2
falafel burger 2
falafel burger 1
falafel burger 1

I had this wonderful idea when craving a burger recently. Instead of bread, or even gluten free bread I used falafel mix (a healthy one; gluten free, all natural, no chemicals or preservatives simply called Falafel). This kind of burger could easily have any fillings you like. It was delicious, but a little bit messy as the falafel didn't hold together all that well.


1 x falafel mix

Cooked chicken breast


1/2 avocado

Carrot slices


1. Mix up falafel mix as per instructions. Make into large patties and cook in coconut oil in a frypan until cooked through.

2. Smash avocado up into a chunky paste consistency.

3. Assemble burger to your liking and enjoy :)

Tell me what would put into your falafel burger?