Things I Love

On any journey to becoming a more positive and happy person there is a time when one must look within themselves what they love, what makes them tick and what they live for. When asked what do you love doing some people answer quickly and confidently whilst others um and ah, not really sure what it is that they truly love. I was never unsure of myself, but it took a lot of time and plenty of learning for me to discover what my true hopes, ambitions and passions are. One thing I think should be emphasised is that things you love change, as life is one constant changing phenomenon. However, knowing what you love can help make you feel more grounded, give you some direction in life and make you a lot happier. Having not even finished school yet, I can't claim to know lots about the world, however I do know that if you love what you do, if you love everything that you do and if you do everything with a smile on your face you will be happy.

Take some time, just once in a while, to think of just a few things you love. They can be simple pleasures, activities or places, but by knowing what you love you can use it to your advantage. For example if you're feeling a bit down one day or in need of a boost you can do something you love and I am pretty sure you will feel much better for it. Other ways to use your loves to make you happier include creating an inspiration board (not only looks cool, but is free and helps you achieve goals), making a bucket list of things you want to do or having a happiness box full of little treasures that make you happy.

However you choose to contemplate what you love and however you choose to pursue what you love, remember our differences are our strengths and our unique qualities are what make us special. Now for just a few things I love:

  • Diving
  • Traveling
  • Smoothies!
  • French (the language and all things French)
  • Health, nutrition and cooking (in case you hadn't noticed)
  • Smiles and smiling
  • Goji berries, raw cacao and cinnamon
  • Water skiing
  • Summer and the sun
  • Positivity
  • Reading
  • My friends and family
  • My country
  • My blog and it's wonderful followers!