So, to be completely honest in the last couple of weeks I haven't been that great in terms of my health and lifestyle. I had holidays where I baked a lot and then on returning to school I haven't really cleaned up my diet again or gotten back into an exercise routine. I have been eating too many grains (which I know I really shouldn't), a lot more sugar than I normally would and just generally eating things that I know deep down I shouldn't. And to be honest again I really do notice a difference in how I feel, I just don't feel quite right and I know I can feel better. I now have four more weeks of school left, starting tomorrow and that includes end of year exams, all the more reason to clean up my habits. Starting NOW! It's time for some RE-motivation, especially as we rocket towards the holiday season which is filled with temptations and lack of routine to keep me grounded. Now I just have to set myself achievable intentions for the next four weeks...The first: don't be too hard on myself, no one is perfect!

  • Stay hydrated and keep my water bottle with me at all times.
  • Make sure I get enough sleep, especially around exams. At least 8 hours, preferably 9 or 10.
  • Exercise! It doesn't matter when or how, JUST DO IT! I would like to do more strength to build muscle and tone up, and get back into yoga again, I miss it.
  • Eat clean, green and lean. As many veggies and as much salad as I can manage, less grains and sugar.
  • Meditate, when I can, when I am stressed and just whenever! It might be awkward if my room mate walks in in the middle of my 'ohms' but it will be worth it.
  • Down dog! And just yoga in general, cause I know it is good for me.
  • Positive affirmations, all the time, no excuses for being negative!
  • Smile and be kind. I know it doesn't really have much to do with my health, but I am a believer in the fact that being kind and happy will make your own life a LOT better :)

Here we go, wish me luck :) what intentions are you setting in your life?