Put Your Best Foot Forward


Do you smile kindly at each person you see, take a moment to chat with the cheery store assistant, are you reliable and prompt when completing tasks, do you always ask others how they are, do you go out of your way to be positive?

One thing I am beginning to realise is how big of an impact being a positive and happy person has on others. Firstly, it's been proven that mood is basically contagious, if you are happy then the people around you will be and vice versa. So take the effort to be positive in front of people and let them absorb the positivity from you, because I am sure there is plenty more where that came from! I see many people around me who let negative experiences, bad days and stress affect the way the treat others, they are short, rude and pushy and at times I know I too have been like this. I don't think this attitude will give off the right vibes or make you seem particularly approachable or friendly. And the bad mood will most certainly rub off on your nearest and dearest.

When you first meet someone they subconsciously judge you within the first 10 seconds, but do you know if your first impression is a good one? Do you smile and greet them confidently or mumble a greeting and stare at the floor? When you first meet someone make an immediate effort to say hello, introduce yourself and smile, then ask them questions about themselves to make them feel comfortable and get the conversation flowing. They will in turn remember you as the bubbly, kind and friendly person you are. And making a good impression is not the only thing, be reliable and consistent and treat everyone equally as you would like to be treated. If you say you will do something for someone, are you prompt and enthusiastic in completing that task or do you treat it like a mundane chore?


Of course we can't always feel 100% all of the time, but being a positive, happy and enthusiastic person can get you a very long way, as I have discovered recently. The kindness you put out is the kindness you will receive back. It will certainly aid you in a job interview, help you make friends more easily, make people remember you and your kind words and of course make you feel better about yourself. And if there was one thing I wish everyone would do all of the time, it's SMILE! The good a smile can do is infinite.