Sugar a.k.a. My Nemesis

sugar I was born with a sweet tooth, in fact, I am pretty sure if it wasn't for my mums diligent care I would have been eating chocolate before I could crawl! However, I do realise the harmful effects sugar has on our bodies and I try to limit my intake as much as possible, and consuming natural sugars such as fruit and raw honey. In the last few weeks I made a determined effort to really cut the sugar out of my diet again, not to let myself sneak little bits in here and there and to be honest I was doing really well. I was feeling good and even though it was only a small amount I had to remove from my diet, I felt the difference. However, last night I had a random desire to go to my  favourite chocolate shop, mostly to celebrate that I passed my driving test (YAY!). I chose what I thought was the best option there; dark chocolate fondue with strawberries and shared it with a friend. But as smart as I like to believe I am, my body knew better.

Almost immediately after eating the fondue I got a stomach ache and felt quite ill. It is still always a shock to me when sugar causes such a reaction, especially as I had only cut it fully out for a few weeks!  I woke still with an upset stomach, but after plenty of water and a nice teaspoon of cinnamon on my breakfast I am feeling better again. Sugar remains to this day one of the hardest things to cut out of my diet, simply because I do love it and it is in almost everything!!! The amount of sugar in packaged and processed, even gluten free foods these days is beyond ridiculous. So will this be the last time I make this mistake? I don't know, I hope so, but I am certainly not immune to the addiction and allure of sugar by any stretch of the imagination. One day at a time, one choice at a time, I will get there.

Keep healthy and SUGAR FREE! :) Erica