The List - Summer

In just over a weeks time I will be on summer holidays or summer break as I believe it is known in America which means six full weeks of summer, sun and food! I have, in preparation for the holidays and holiday season, made what I am calling the list. It is pretty simple really, a list of things to buy, things to eat, things to do and also books to read to remind me what is important. So, here it is:

The List - Summer


-visit the health food store!

-coconut oil

-chia seeds

-raw cacao powder


-fruit & veg from market


-fruit, veg, nuts & seeds



-green tea & iced tea

-lean meats

-super foods




-run & walk


-ski (we live on the river in summer!)





-positive affirmations

-Vit D (10 minutes a day to absorb it naturally)

-make my first ever green smoothie (I have never actually had one, but I am excited to try!)

-try another juice reboot (I didn't last one day last time, but I am determined to do it)


-the perks of being a wallflower

-cloud atlas

-big fat lies (David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison)

-the Gerson therapy

-hungry for change book

-primal body, primal mind (I am half way through at the moment)


That is all for now, I am sure I will add more as time goes by. What's on your list?

Keep healthy, keep happy :)