Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers and followers! I hope you brought in the New Year in healthy and positive style. And welcome to 2013, may it be a year filled with love, laughter, good health and plenty of green juice! As for my plans for this year, they are tentative at best. School is still my first priority, as well as health and positivity of course! Berry, Berry Happy I will hopefully continue to grow and I have some new and exciting ideas in the works. I haven't made any official New Year's resolutions, I would like to start practicing yoga and/or meditation daily. I simply hope that this year is as exciting and life changing as 2012, because this year has been the year I went gluten free, the year I started blogging, the year I started yoga, the year of green juice and smoothies, the year I moved towns and the year I discovered my passion. If that can happen in 12 months, imagine what I can will happen in the next 12 months!

For now I off to enjoy the summer sunshine and leave you to the new year of possibilities. Keep happy and healthy :)

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