How to Be Event-Ready the Healthy Way

In just 29 short days I will be attending my first ever school formal and I am very much looking forward to it; I have the dress, I have the shoes and most importantly I have a date, so naturally at the one month to go mark I am getting myself 'event-ready'. Any fellow woman would understand that an event is not simply an event, it is the perfect opportunity to look amazing, make an impact and be remembered for looking fabulous and exuding natural beauty. School formal certainly falls into this category, especially as I go to an all girls school, so each and every girl is aiming to be the most beautiful on the night. Whilst of course everyone will look beautiful no matter what they wear, there is always many hours spent preparing for this one night. I am anticipating a flurry of ridiculous, fad diets in the hope of losing weight for formal, as well as many 'oompa-loompa' style tans in an effort to achieve a natural, bronzed glow and plenty of faces covered with way too much makeup to cover up some perceived imperfections. Me, I am of course looking at what I eat, and my plan for having a healthy glow for formal is of course my diet and lifestyle. This means loading up on nutrient dense foods, recovering from holidays with a semi-detox, getting plenty of sleep and drinking plenty of water. Here are the fundementals on how to be event-ready BBH style:

  1. Eat lots of nutrient dense foods- your skin glows when your body in nourished with plenty of vitamins and minerals, so think plenty of berries, superfood smoothies, green juices, salads, organic food, vegetables, and nuts and seedsĀ (good fats are very important for skin, nail and hair health).
  2. Drink plenty of water- dehydrated skin is never going to glow so make sure you drink plenty of good old H2O in the lead up to your event, and no soft drink or sugar loaded prepackaged juices, think more herbal and green tea.
  3. Cut back the junk- sugar, refined carbs, gluten and trans fatty acids all deprive your body of nutrients and certainly won't help you to look your best, so whilst a bit of dark chocolate here and there is okay, say no to the biscuits, cakes, chips and lollies.
  4. SLEEP- sleep is seriously under-appreciated these days, as everyone seems to feel the need to stay up until midnight....every night! In the month before an event make sure you get a good 8-10 hours sleep each night and regulate your sleeping patterns. Do this and you ensure you will have the energy to party all night long and won't have to conceal the bags under your eyes (because you won't have them!)

So, once you're prepped for your event the only thing left to do is enjoy yourself and glow from the inside out!

Keep happy and healthy :) Erica