20 Questions Thursday

What questions do you have for me? If there is one thing I love about writing this blog it is being able to help people make better and informed choices in their lives and giving as much advice as I can. I know my friends often ask me questions to clarify something that they have heard, read or seen, or just if they are curious and I love being able to help them. And there is no better way to expand your knowledge than by asking questions. So, today I would like to offer you the opportunity to ask me anything you want! It can be a question about health, gluten, sugar, yoga, positive thinking, affirmations, about me and my life, or about anything you want, I am open to anything!

You can either leave a comment on this post with your question(s) or write a message in the feedback form on the Contact Me page  if you would prefer it to be private. I will answer all questions and give you links to articles you might find helpful or perhaps the name of a book I think you should read. I am looking forward to hearing plenty of questions, so now go and ask away!

Keep happy, keep healthy, Erica :)

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