Our Obsession with 'Thinspiration'

We want to be thin so badly that we don't even want to be generous or good or kind? As a teenage girl I know A LOT about the pressure on women to be thin and to look like the supermodels, actresses and singers that grace the cover of every magazine and are the face of every brand. Sometimes this pressure can become overwhelming, as if being thin is really the only thing that matters. What frustrates me most is people want to be thin before they want to be healthy, when really if you're healthy then ultimately your body will be at its perfect size.

Recently, the 'thinspiration' craze has taken over Instagram, Facebook, the blogging world and the walls of girls bedrooms everywhere. Sure, its nice to have pictures of flat stomachs and thin legs and motivational quotes to 'inspire' you to be thin, but is thin really what we should be aiming for? Even 'fitspiration', which as the name suggests is the fit version of 'thinspiration' can be pictures which are, for most people, utterly desirable and equally unattainable.

One thing we absolutely MUST realise, is that thin DOES NOT equal healthy! Of course obesity is at the other end of the spectrum and that is also not a good thing, but is bombarding us with pictures of (often airbrushed) supermodels really going to help us feel better about ourselves and make better choices? I don't think so. And not everyone can actually achieve that kind of thin-ness, some people are genetically meant to be a little bit larger. Some people have larger frames, so they will naturally be a little bit bigger than people with very small frames. Taller be will generally be heavier than very short people, and logically this makes sense. But we continue to be brainwashed into believing that we should all be tall AND thin AND pretty AND perfect in every way. Our thighs must be free of cellulite, our face free of pimples and our stomach free of fat.

If I could start my own campaign, I would call 'healthspiration' and all the pictures that cover girls walls would inspire them to make good food choices, to eat enough so that they are healthy and to cherish their bodies for all the beautiful imperfections that make us perfect.

Keep healthy, keep happy :)

P.S. To all those teenage girls out there, the moment you stop obsessing over your 'thinspiration' and choose to be healthy first, is the moment you will discover a wonderful world where food is your best friend. xx