Is Dieting Like Self-Harm?

I read a few posts in the last couple of days about the 'thigh gap' obsession and a thought occurred to me....Is dieting similar to self-harm? I would have to say yes, it's like internal self-harm. Restricting your caloric intake beyond healthy or completely restricting some food groups is in NO way good for you, it damages your cells, decreases cell functions and ultimately harms your body.

Now, before we go into this, the kind of diets I am talking about are the crash diets, based on no science at all diets, just starve yourself until you're thin diets and all in that category. I am not talking about when people follow a 'good' diet, consisting of plenty of fruit and veg, protein, vitamins, minerals and fats. Having a balanced and healthy diet is good, but following strict, unforgiving and downright crazy diets is internal self-harm, you are hurting your body.

The posts I read focussed on the 'thigh gap' trend and how it encourages people to over exercise, under eat and push themselves to the brink of illness to perfect a 'thigh gap' (for the uninitiated, that is when the very top of your thighs don't touch, which in most cases is not at all natural). One mentioned how often the 'thigh gap' inspiration pictures portray evidence of self harm.

All I can say, really, is that dieting is NOT good for your body, it doesn't nourish your body and isn't good for your mind either, as it focusses on all your imperfections, which is what makes you, YOU! Diets simply imply that you are not good enough as you are and that if you change your body, then you will be happy. The reality is you must change your thoughts first, to positive ones, then change your bad habits to good ones and the rest is history.

And so I urge you to fight against the ridiculousness and pressure of thinspiraton, of 'thigh gaps', of perfectly flat stomachs, of protruding rib cages, or skeletal arms, or tiny bottoms and to just be happy, be healthy, be you!

Finally, here are the posts and one blog that gave me the inspiration for this post, thanks to these wonderful writers:

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Keep happy, healthy. Erica :) xxx