Food Does Matter

Another fabulous and true Food Matters quote. Just a quick reminder and some motivation this morning that food DOES matter, it matters a LOT.

  • Food is your life force, your energy and your vibrance.
  • The food you put into your body determines the output your body produces.
  • Food can either nourish, replenish and nurture your body or it can harm, damage and deplete your body.
  • Good foods come from nature, are not processed and are not wrapped in five layers of plastic.
  • Good foods are vibrant, fresh, organic and simple.
  • Good foods don't need an ingredients list that is 200 words long.
  • Food is either your best friend or your biggest enemy, depending on how you choose to view it.
  • Food is the best, simplest and most effective medicine we have available to us.
  • Good food should be on top of your list of priorities, not the bottom.
  • Food has the potential to either enormously extend or seriously decrease your life expectancy.
  • Food is never, was never and never will be the enemy, we NEED food as much as we want it.
  • Man-made, lab-made food is convenient, but is is not good food.
  • Good food is prepared in your kitchen, with your love and your ingredients.
  • The food you eat is one of the most important choices you make every day, so make the right one!

Keep healthy, Erica :) xx