Good Health on the Go

Your lives are busy, I know. My life is busy. And sometimes your health suffers as a result of our fast-paced lives. But it is important that health is a priority, it should be your top priority. One of the key things to eating healthy on the go is to be organised, plan your meals in advance, take advantage of left overs and use your time wisely. The few extra minutes spent preparing a healthy, wholesome meal instead of grabbing some take out will add years to your life. Here are some quick and easy tips for making healthy eating easier:

  • Plan, plan and plan! Whether you shop on a Sunday or not, plan your meals in advance, write out a shopping list and buy the ingredients, so that you're not tempted by a fast-food when you have nothing organised. Also, by planning you can have more exciting and varied meals  because you will have all the ingredients. And make cooking fun, enjoy it and then feel proud as you consume your balanced, home-made meal.
  • Make breakfast in advance. Instead of grabbing a coffee as a breakfast substitute on the way to work, make your breakfast the night before. You can make smoothies the night before and store them in a protein shaker in the fridge, so you can grab it in the morning and go. Juices work the same, although the enzymes will die overnight so if possible cut up all your fruit and veg for your juice the night before and then put it through the juicer in the morning. Bircher muesli can be made the night before and soak, or have your cereal already in a bowl, with yogurt ready to go. Breakfast done the night before will certainly save you a few precious minutes in the morning.
  • Keep snacks on you. As all women know, handbags or purses are like an extension of our bodies, so you can use them to store portable snacks for when you get the munchies. Some good ones are raw bars and fruit and nut or superfood mixes, they are simple, filling and won't go off. Also, keep a few of your favourite tea bags with you for when you visit your friends and they ask if you want something to drink.
  • Use leftovers. Whether you cook a big roast or a small stir fry, don't throw out the leftovers, use them. Stir fries can be eaten cold the next day, or roast cut up and put into salad or cold rolls. Soup can be made in big batches and frozen for when you need a meal. Just as the old saying goes, waste not, want not.
  • Know the good places. In your local area, learn what cafés have gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options that you can take advantage of and so you won't get stuck when you do have to grab something to eat.

Have you got any tips for eating on the run? What do you do to ensure you don't give in to fast food or temptation?

Keep healthy, Erica xx