My First Ever Green Smoothie (except it's not really green...!)

There is a great quote that says "do one thing a day that scares you." This morning, whilst rummaging through the fridge to find things to put into my smoothie I noticed some baby spinach leaves and so I thought "what the hell!" and cautiously threw a small handful of leaves into the blender, along with my standard berries, almond milk, protein powder etc. Sadly, upon blending the green was swallowed by the purple hue of the berries, but I promise you there is spinach in there somewhere!I have always been somewhat scared of the thought of having vegetables in my smoothie, despite the fact that I can consume a juice that is entirely green vegetables! But after trying it this morning I have to say I think green smoothies will be featuring a lot more often on BBH, it tasted fantastic and I could't taste the spinach at all. Next time I will be sure to play around will more greenery and less berries and see what happens! Here's to green smoothie lovers all over the world! Tell me, have you ever had a green smoothie? What's your favourite smoothie combo? Keep healthy, Erica xx