Diet vs. Exercise. Which is Better?

Image from here. Often we believe to perfect our bodies we must not only dedicate ourselves to eating the perfect diet, but must also exercise regularly to achieve our goals. However, in terms of diet and exercise is there one that is better or should be top priority over the other? In many ways this is a matter of opinion and I am sure you could argue either side, but for me, what we put into our bodies will always be more important than what we do with our bodies. There is a great quote that sums this up; "You cannot out-exericse a bad diet."

Many people think to lose weight it is simply not enough to just eat well, that you have to exercise as well in order to lose the most weight in the least amount of time. Although this makes sense, exercise alone will generally fail to help you lose weight and in combination with a good diet will assist the process, but overall what you eat has a much greater impact. One simple example that always proves this to me is detoxing.

The kind of detoxing I am talking about is the kind practiced by many practitioners across the world, whereby the patient radically (or sometimes just slightly) alters their diet to the detox specifications and then they let their body do the rest. Detox generally means no processed foods, no sugar, no refined grains (pasta, white bread, white rice, wheat products etc), no starchy vegetables (corn, potato etc), no alcohol or caffeine and no dairy. It may be strict, but by eliminating all of these foods from your body it gives your body the chance to cleanse and basically clear out all the junk that is stuck inside your digestive system, liver, kidneys etc. And the results, when followed correctly, are nothing short of amazing. Overweight people who follow the detox program can lose 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 kilos in the first week and the weight seems to fall off the longer they follow the program and they notice huge changes in their mental and physical state. All of this without doing any extra (or any at all) exercise. These people simply eat very clean and let their bodies do the work. For a first time detox-er you many follow the program for anywhere from 6 weeks to a few months until your body has completely cleansed itself. Then after the initial detox it is recommended that you do mini-express detoxes for 2-4 weeks a couple of times a year, like you change the oil in your car.  Detoxing works as it allows the body the conditions under which it can release and expel trapped toxins, rebalance the hormonal and other body systems and basically start off on a fresh slate. I have done these detoxes in the past and I can tell you that by the end of two weeks you feel like a whole new person!

Personally, detoxing is the perfect example of why food is so crucial in achieving and maintaining the healthy body you want. You can run or lift weights as much as you like, but if you don't give your body the essential vitamins and minerals and nourishment it needs then what is the point of exercising at all?

Do you think food or exercise is more important?

Keep healthy, Erica xx