Spread the Happiness

Have you ever noticed that moods seem to be infectious? That if one of your friends is having a bad day, by the end of the that day you feel a little down yourself. Or if someone in your life is always smiling, being around them makes you feel better too. This is not just some random phenomenon, but it has actually been researched and studied and proven that moods and attitudes are contagious, you catch them from the people you are around, and, alternately, you spread your mood to the people around you. That being said, what mood are you spreading to your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances? Many of us practice positive thinking within our own minds and gratitude for what we have, but this happiness and contentment can be spread beyond the individual. Simple things such as smiling at people, asking people how they are, noticing someone in need of a hug and giving them one, speaking positively about others in group conversation instead of spreading malicious rumours about people, all of these simple acts help to spread happiness. But by far the most powerful and probably the simplest thing you can do to spread happiness is to BE HAPPY. If you are happy and positive and approach life with curiosity and enthusiasm it will be hard for the people around you not to catch onto this and do the same. So go out into the world, be happy and spread the happiness to everyone. Just imagine the kind of global happiness that could be achieved if we were to all spread happiness, it would be incredible!

I wish you all a happy Monday, may your day be filled with happiness and love,

Erica xx