David Wolfe is Coming to Aus!

The All-Wise Expert on Superfoods! I was wandering through my favourite local organic cafe/store the other day when I noticed a flyer for David Wolfe's Australian Tour. Needless to say I was very excited to discover that he would be lecturing and doing workshops all across Australia and I am already planning which one I will be attending!

If you don't know who David Wolfe is then let me tell you: he is basically the world expert in superfoods and plant/algae based nutrition. He has a huge wealth of knowledge and is a passionate chocoholic (or should I say raw cacaoholic?). He has written many books, all of which I intend on reading eventually, but I have read Superfoods and it was eye-opening and very motivating. He is also one of the featured experts in the Food Matters film. For more info on his tour and his work check out his Australian Tour website: http://davidwolfeaustraliantour.com

I hope you are excited as I am! I can't wait to learn even more about superfoods from the man who knows them best.

Keep healthy and eat goji berries, Erica xx