ONE YEAR BLOG-AVERSARY! Follow BBH on Instagram!

one yearToday one year ago, I sat nervously in front of the computer and published my first ever post. I dreamt of being able to inspire and excite people about health and wellness, but never did I think I would have the opportunity to do as much as I have in the last year. Berry, Berry Happy has been my own little project, my baby to nurture and I imagined at this point I would still be writing posts for myself and myself only. Now though, when I tell people I have a blog I am always surprised and amazed at their reactions, they are supportive and encouraging and never cease to amaze me with their compliments. What's more, creating my own blog has lead me to discover the world of like-minded bloggers who inspire and motivate me on a daily basis. I love finding new and exciting recipes to try, creating my own, sharing my knowledge with others and most of all learning from those who are all-wise and knowing in the areas of health, nutrition and positive thinking. This blog has been a pathway for me to develop my passion for all things food, nutrition, health, happiness and of course, berries!

So, at the one year mark I have quite a few people I would like to mention. Firstly, thanks to my family and friends who never cease to amaze me with their support, love and encouragement in my blogging endeavours and in life, without you I would have never found the courage to start BBH. I would also like to thank all the wonderful bloggers and people who inspire me and provide me with new ideas and creations, Kate from Finger, Fork and Knife, Yaz from The Happiness Cocktail, Laurentine and James from Food Matters (actually, the whole team from Food Matters, I love your work), David Wolfe (super foods expert), Jess Ainscough from the Wellness Warrior, Lee from Supercharged Foods, Kieran from Health is Happiness (in particular for your incredible paleo cookie recipe, I CANNOT get enough!) and Katie from Thrive Fitness & Wellbeing (possibly my newest, but most inspiring health friend). There are of course hundreds of other people who I admire, follow and whose work I love, but these are just a few of my favourites from the year. And most importantly, thank you to my followers, all 81 of you, I love you all for just following me! And to all the people who have ever viewed or commented on a post, simply for making me feel like my work is worthwhile.

So, how am I going to celebrate, by launching to the world the Berry, Berry Happy Instagram account! Check it out @berryberryhappyblog on Instagram. I will be posting photos of new recipes as I bake them, as well as inspiring quotes and positive affirmations. Also, if you ever make something from BBH or just want to connect with me, please tag @berryberryhappyblog in your picture, so I can see all your wonderful work!

And finally, in the spirit of inspiration, I am also going to do a month long event, which I have called June-spiration! For the month of June, every day on the BBH Facebook and Instagram there will be a new inspiring quote-graphic, so I hope you are feeling inspired.

And from here, what next? Well, I have many dreams and hopes for the future, including hitting the big 1-0-0 followers! Of course I will continue to add to the collection of recipes on BBH and keep posting about positive thinking and affirmations. But some other things I would love to do is recreate Nan's Recipes (which is my other blog, a digital collection of my great-grandmothers recipes), using healthy, wholesome ingredients, as my family cherishes the memories of Nan's baking, but I cannot eat most of the recipes due to the flour and sugar in them! Also, eventually I would love to write a few books about nutrition and health, once I am an integrative doctor (which is my dream career). Finally, my biggest life goal, which is huge, is to open a wellness centre in Australia, where people can go for detox or yoga retreats, to visit naturopaths and integrative doctors and where alternative cancer treatments can be practiced! I believe if I put this dream out into the universe, the universe will help me to achieve it, one day.

Well, I think that is all for just now, Happy One Year Blog-aversary to me! I am so proud and glad to be able to share this moment with all of you. Of course, I am always open to questions, comments and suggestions, so let me know what you have to say!

As always, keep healthy, keep happy, Erica xx