Throw Out Your Diary, Get a Gratitude Journal

I thought this was insanely cool - I will have to make one, one day! Image found here. There has been a lot of talk about gratitude and gratefulness in the recent few months, but how exactly do you show gratitude and what good does it do? Well, to answer the first question very simply, keep a gratitude journal!

Some smart scientists have done some important research into the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, and the results are pretty astounding (Google it if you want to know it all!). The scientists discovered that people who kept a gratitude journal were...happier, less stressed and anxious, slept better, had an overall better outlook on life, improved their mood and the list goes on! And the best part of all...keeping a gratitude journal is as easier as 1, 2, 3, literally! Just have a little booklet nearby and set aside one minute each day to write down three things you are grateful for (or more if you are feeling especially grateful!), or you can just think of three things to yourself (whilst completing your daily meditation, of course). Of course there are the big, obvious things that you are always grateful for, such as your family and friends, your security etc, but it is also nice to focus on little things, the day to day joys that make life worth living, for example your favourite foods, sunshine, new people you meet and funny things that happen. Importantly also, be grateful for the 'bad' things that happen, or the mistakes you make, because by saying that you are grateful for them allows you to let go and not hold anger or sadness about these things, thus gratitude is a great tool for releasing these negative emotions.

Not only is keeping a gratitude journal (or thinking grateful thoughts) good for you, but you will become a kinder, more grateful person towards others, which in turn will spread the love. And when people ask what your secret is to overflowing with passion and joy, you will simply answer gratitude.

Today I am grateful for: My friends who love me unconditionally Long soothing baths to relax For the new opportunities that each day presents me

What are you grateful for?

Keep happy, Erica xxx