Books, Books and More Books

Just a quick post today, I want to share with you my health ‘to-read’ list, which is ever growing and something I will probably never get to the end of! I am always finding books that I want to read, which is the foundation for my ‘to-read’ list. As much as most people would find this kind of stuff utterly boring, I literally love it, reading is a serious hobby of mine and I wish I had more free time, because I can read for hours. So, here is my ‘to-read’ (and ‘to-watch’) list, plus the list of books and films I highly recommend. Books I REALLY Want to Read (and ones you should read too!) Toxic Oil – David Gillespie The China Study and Mad Cowboy – recommended by Em Von Euw Treasure Yourself – Miranda Kerr Primal Body Primal Mind – Nora G (I must finish reading this) The Beautiful Truth (film) May I Be Frank (film) I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson The Gerson Therapy – Charlotte Gerson Supercharged Food – Lee Holmes

You should definitely read/watch: Food Matters (film) and Hungry for Change (book and film) Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Super foods – David Wolfe Food Inc (film) Sweet Poison – David Gillespie You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay Wheat Belly – William Davis

What books are on your ‘to-read’ list? What books should I add to mine?

Keep healthy and read, Erica xx