Katie's Seminar - Thrive Fitness & Wellbeing

The wonderfully inspiring Katie. So a few weeks ago I went to a small seminar hosted by Katie, from Thrive Fitness & Wellbeing, and to put it simply it was fantastic! Katie herself is a huge inspiration, and also happens to come from the same town as me, and having recently returned from her coaching with Melissa Ambrosini, she is full of knowledge about everything health and wellbeing.

The session was small and personal and began with a discussion by Katie about health practices, such as meditation and yoga. Of course, I know how valuable meditation can be for everyone, but I have never been able to find the motivation to do it at all regularly, but thanks to Katie and her practical meditation techniques I have found ways to make small steps towards daily meditation practice. I discovered that meditating in the bath is extra relaxing! Katie also explained the importance of self-love and positivity, which I cannot stress enough is the key to happiness. If you cannot love yourself and nourish your body and soul, then you will never be able to achieve your full potential. If you focus on the negatives, then it will seem as if life is always full of problems and obstacles. But on the flip side, if you use positive affirmations and show gratitude for everything that life throws your way, then nothing will bring you undone and you will be a better person for it. Try gratitude now; think of three things, people or experiences you are grateful for. Now think of one positive affirmation and repeat it three times daily. If you cannot think of any, try simply: I accept myself unconditionally right now.

The second part of the seminar took place in the kitchen and included myriads of delish raw foods, such as Avocado Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Bliss Balls, Raw Berry Cheesecake, Banana Coconut Ice cream, Overnight Oats and a real Green Smoothie, for which I will post the recipes in the coming few days and weeks, once I get around to recreating them and taking photos. Katie definitely opened my eyes to the world of raw cooking, in which I have dabbled previously, but never really more than a blended concoction here or there. My absolute favourite was the raw berry cheesecake, which was like a healthy ice cream cake and was fabulous!

With regard to food, one thing that Katie said really stood out was that people are different when it comes to what food is right for them. This means some people thrive on a vegan diet, whilst others need animal protein and fats; some enjoy totally raw food, whilst others crave warm, soul-soothing cooked foods, and so on. There is not one size that fits all when it comes to food; it is a personal balance and about finding what works for you. This rings true for me, because I can understand the health benefits of both a paleo and a vegetarian diet, but how can two things so completely opposite both be good? Simply, for some vegetarian is good, for some paleo is good and for others, like me, a mixture of both works best. Katie also explained that she does not like to ‘label’ how she eats, she eats according to what is best for her body and I believe that is the fundamental basis of health and nutrition. There is no label for the diet I follow; it is my own personal piece of art in the making. It is always changing, I am adding and subtracting, avoiding and enjoying according to what I believe is right, and that may be different for me in 10 years time, it is all a part of living in the present moment. This overall message about food is probably the most profound thing I took from the seminar, just as we each have our own unique personality, we all have a unique diet that is best for us, so there is no need to perfectly replicate someone else’s.

With that being said, I would love to hear what ‘your’ diet consists of? Is it plant-based, grain-free, paleo or raw? How and why did you choose it? Have you ever followed a certain diet, only to discover it wasn’t working for you?

Stay tuned for Katie's fantastic recipes! Or to see them now, check out her site.

Keep healthy and happy, Erica xx