8 Random Facts About Me

So today I thought I would introduce myself to you all in a little bit more depth, so here are eight random and useless facts that you may want to know about me (or maybe not, but read on anyway!): 1. I can solve a Rubik’s cube. Yep, that is one random skill I learnt that I am sure will come in handy one day. I even keep a mini cube in my pencil case for when I get bored. It is actually really fun to do and it is probably the only party trick I have that will impress people.

rubiks cube

2. I have an outie belly button. I have since birth and it always used to bother me, but now I accept that it is just another part of me and it makes me unique.

3. My sister is my best friend. We are only 17 months apart in age and she is the one person I turn to for everything. She is everything you could want in a sister and also my guinea pig when I cook. When we were younger we were pretty much inseparable, we wore the same clothes, did every sport and activity together and even went to sleep overs together because we couldn't bear be apart from one another for one whole night. Now days we are a bit more independent (although, not by much), we share a best friend and although that may seem weird to most people, I love it and it works for us. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

about me

4. I have really terrible balance. For this reason some yoga poses are extremely difficult for me, I just can’t stay upright! It was even more of a problem when I was a gymnast, beam was my absolute most challenging apparatus...

5. I am a hopeless romantic. I read romance novels, watch romantic comedies and enjoy them in all their clichéd glory. Love Actually is my favourite film of all time and I watch it at least twice every Christmas. I am quite sure that all romances should be like in the movies and am waiting for my Prince Charming.

Ahhhhhh, just perfect.

6. I used to be a carb-ovore. Before I went gluten free and entered the world of healthy eating I downed carbs all day every day. That included up to 20 pieces of toast or bread, it was quite serious. At that time I was young and active so I didn’t even notice how much I was eating, but I now look back and can’t believe how I used to eat. Thank God I discovered gluten free life and then low carb life before it got really out of hand.

7. J’étudie le français au lycée et un jour dans l’avenir je voudrais vivre en France… Translation: I study French at school and one day in the future I would like to live in France. (Bonjour à tous mes amis français).

8. I am at boarding school. This is the reason why I always talk about going home and why I can only bake once every few weeks (sad face), and why my recipes seem to come all at once! But I love my school and boarding and since being here I have made so many wonderful friends and I have never felt more at home.

Introduce yourself and tell me a random fact about yourself?

Keep happy, Erica xx