The AWESOME David Wolfe

So I went to the David Wolfe lecture, and it was pretty amazing! A lot of the information I sort of had an idea about already, but David was funny, entertaining and told plenty of great stories that made the night as enjoyable as it was informative. He is truly an inspiration in the way that he approaches health and wellness and he once again inspired me to include even more super foods in my diet. In true health blogger style, I took down a couple of pages of notes, some of which made sense and others that I am not sure what I was thinking, but I thought I would share my thoughts and notes with you. ...And the wristband, from an amazing lecture.

Notes: Longevity

  • Eat for longevity.
  • Foods that increase longevity include olive oil and foods with dark pigments (purple and black), which contain anti-ageing compounds, such as black rice, black chia seeds, black potato, red grapes, dark berries, black maca.
  • The oldest man in the world (currently 111), his top 5 foods are:
  1. Cinnamon – controls blood sugar, anti-diabetes.
  2. Garlic – antibacterial, just mind the garlic breath.
  3. Honey – specifically raw honey, which is a super food. The longest-lived people in the world are beekeepers.
  4. Olive Oil – number 2 longevity food in the world, olive oil consumption has been directly linked with longevity.
  5. Chocolate – well, raw cacao and the antioxidants found in chocolate


  • Epigenetics is the study of the effect of food on genes. Eating the right foods optimises genes and turns on the good genes, however eating bad foods switches on the bad genes that cause chronic diseases and cancer.
  • Vitamin D3 turns on healing genes in your body.

Food and Diet

  • Aim for 80% raw ‘live’ foods in your diet. Raw food=energy. Raw food scores highest in antioxidant content tests.
  • Don’t change anything to radically, slowly is wholly and healing.
  • Fruits – wild berries are low in sugar, high in minerals, antioxidants and their colour pigment means they are longevity foods.
  • Vegetables – celery is good for bones. Melon, squash, cucumber, pumpkin all support adrenal health. Cucumbers are the best travel food for adrenals and hydration. Green leafy vegetables (you should know this by now) are good for everything!
  • Nuts – high in good fats, but you can have too many, and then David says you will become a ‘health nut’. Three brazil nuts provides your daily recommended intake of selenium, high selenium intake has been linked to the lowest cancer rates, requiring only 150-200 micrograms of selenium per day.
  • Seeds – chia seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Hemp leaf juice is a cure for everything.
  • Seaweeds – seaweed=iodine=thyroid problems. It is a wild food and is therefore good for you. Enjoy seaweeds in salads.
  • Flowers – yes, you can eat flowers. Passionflower is good for hormones. Use flowers and herbs to make teas, which act as health tonics.
  • Grasses – wheat grass, barley grass etc. Grass powders are great for babies and children, are packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Find what works for you! It is a matter of trial and error (which reaffirms what I learnt at Katie’s seminar).
  • Different ‘diets’ are useful for different times in our lives. For example, veganism is not good for growing bodies and bones (children and teenagers), as it lacks essential Omega 3s, 6s and B vitamins that help do develop the nervous system and the brain, children need a diet rich in Omegas and salt. However, a vegan diet is very detoxifying, so for a middle-aged, overweight, toxic person etc., a vegan diet (or mostly vegan) is of great benefit. A vegan diet is also good for drawing excess salt (table salt) out of your body, for those who are salt toxic.


  • A low salt diet (low in real, good salts, NOT table salts) leads to adrenal fatigue; we need salt in our diets.
  • Himalayan salt contains the essential minerals, HOWEVER it is drilled out using metal drills and becomes contaminated, therefore it may contain toxic metal particles.
  • Switch table salt for sea salt; sea salt is the number one mineral supplement you can use.
  • Warm salty water is what your body craves when you are sick, it is good for allergies, for autoimmune diseases, for adrenal fatigue and for when you are travelling.

Super Foods

  • Raw Cacao – aids longevity, a French lady who lived to be 120 years old ate 1kg of baker’s chocolate every week; baker’s chocolate is almost entirely cacao! Cacao is good for asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Fermented foods – full of probiotics to support internal health and balance. To read: The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.
  • Tonic herbs – the Schisandra berry is the number one tonic herb in the world.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

This means eat foods that heal and enjoy medicinal foods everyday!

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Thoughts: Personally, I loved David's lecture although at times he got so excited about a point that he never finished the previous one. His enthusiasm for life and food was contagious and his knowledge is clearly second to none. I would highly recommend that if you ever have the chance to see David speak you should take it, go in with an open mind and prepare to be surprised, entertained and informed. I am definitely hoping to one day go on a David Wolfe Adventure in Peru, as I have been there before and loved it and would love the chance to really discover all the super foods in their original birth place.

So go on and, as David always says, have the best day ever,

Erica xx