Take Baby Steps

journeyThe path to health and wellness is not straight, nor is it free of obstacles, but like many things in life it is a journey which is the sum of many 'steps'. For those of you who are just at the beginning of your nutrition journey, do NOT despair! When you first realise just how harmful most modern day foods are it can be extremely overwhelming and you may be left thinking "So what can I eat?!" The answer to this question will emerge naturally, as you take your baby steps towards a better, healthier you. The simple fact of the matter is you cannot simply wake up one morning and suddenly begin eating a completely new and different diet, your body will not like that and I guarantee you will find it very hard to stick to for more than a few hours or days if you're lucky. Instead, make a pledge to change, but make small, incremental changes. It can be as small as starting your day with a green tea instead of a coffee, or sprinkling a few chia seeds on your breakfast. These small changes are at first new and different, but become habit and eventually the combination of many small, good habits creates a beautiful, whole and healthy lifestyle. Here are some baby steps to get you started, but first congratulations for deciding to take your health and your diet into your own hands!

Add: Sprinkle chia seeds, goji berries, bee pollen or a few nuts or seeds onto your breakfast. Add more dark, leafy greens to your salad. Add 10 minutes meditation to your daily routine. Have a lemon tonic drink first thing when you wake up. Make 'Meat free Monday' a weekly event. Add superfoods to your everyday meals. Daily supplements and vitamins. Physical activity every day, even if it is just a short walk or a few minutes of yoga. Herbs and spices. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Activated nuts and seeds. More water. Good fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, chia seeds)

Swap: Swap soft drinks for water or tea. Swap flavoured yogurt for plain Greek yogurt. Swap low-fat milk to full fat milk, and then to a dairy free milk (almond, soy, rice, coconut etc) Swap vegetable oil for coconut oil. Swap conventional vegetables for organic. Swap grain fed beef for grass fed beef. Swap processed cereals for a gluten free, low sugar alternative. Swap table salt for sea salt. Swap white rice for brown rice, or even better black rice. Swap normal honey for raw, organic honey. Swap white bread for gluten free bread. Swap chocolate for raw cacao chocolate bars. Swap your plastic drink bottle for a BPA-free glass or stainless steel version. Swap sandwiches for salads. Swap mayonnaise for olive oil. Swap conventional cook books and recipes with healthy recipes.

Remove: Refined white flour and sugar from your pantry. Lollies and processed junk food. Plastic BPA containing containers. Low fat and no fat versions of foods. Trans fat oils and/or hydrogenated plant oils (margarine, canola, vegetable oil, peanut oil etc).

What baby step are you going to take today? Don't give up, life is a journey and this is just another journey you are making.

Keep healthy, Erica