Goji Berry Boats

goji celery boat
goji celery boat

Goji Berry Boats were another great idea of Katie's seminar that I went to earlier this year. The idea of celery and peanut butter wasn't new to me, I already enjoyed it regularly, but the goji berries on top give an amazing flavour and texture to this easy to make snack. Always try to use organic ingredients where possible, especially celery as it is one of the 'Dirty Dozen' foods that is sprayed with the most pesticides etc. I was very excited and pleased to discover organic celery in my normal supermarket the other day, so it is not impossible to find! Here is Katie's recipe, although it hardly needs one.

Goji Berry Boat

  • Celery sticks
  • Peanut butter or any other nut butter
  • Handful of goji berries

Chop celery into shorter pieces. Spread the nut butter onto the celery and top with goji berries. Enjoy for a healthy snack.

Keep healthy, Erica xx