So That's Why I Don't Eat Sugar....

I think Sarah Wilson has the right idea! Whilst I am not 100% sugar free, I do eat a very low sugar diet and in general don't eat chocolates, lollies, cakes, biscuits, sweets and desserts, due to their high sugar content. When you tell people this there first response is usually always the same: WHY? And sometimes I ask myself that... And then I go and do what I did last night, I ate sugar and a lot more than I normally would in one go. You might think I should be ashamed, but I am grateful, because I was reminded WHY I DON'T EAT SUGAR! This is how it happened...

Let's just say my week overall was pretty stressful, so when Friday night rolled around I was tired, grumpy, and a little overwhelmed by schoolwork. So when some friends decided to head out for dessert (as dessert bars are all to common in the cities), I decided to join them. I wanted to socialise and I wanted to forget about my bad week. What's more, I thought I might even have dessert, which I have once in a blue moon. The dessert place we went to is very quaint and the menu is quite extensive and features plenty of gluten free and lactose free options.... but of course, no sugar free options, it's a dessert bar for crying out loud!

Normally I would order myself a pot of organic tea, and I did consider that option, but for some reason the little devil on my shoulder said just have a dessert. So I ordered a lovely peanut butter ice cream jar with strawberries and chocolate. And I ate it. It was quite delicious. And then as if that wasn't enough we walked down to the macaroon shop, so I had a macaroon as well. This is WAY more sugar than I normally eat in one go, as I have already mentioned. But the real disaster was later that night...

I went to bed quite early due to my long and rather exhausting week, but instead of falling asleep quite quickly and sleeping well, I tossed and turned and was even in hot sweats at one point (please note, it is currently the middle of winter in Australia). I also felt quite sick in the stomach from the amount of food I had eaten and of course the sugar. I spent hours and hours tossing, completely unable to fall asleep, all thanks to that 'little treat' I decided to give myself. Let's just say I quickly remember exactly why I don't eat sugar: it makes me feel like crap!

So now that I have told you my horror story of my nightmarish night of sugar, let's just recap why we shouldn't eat sugar, or limit it as much as we can:

  • Sugar is addictive. It is an addictive substance and once you are hooked your body will continue to crave more and more and more, until, just like a drug addict, you break your addiction. Breaking your addiction may not be all sunshines and lollipops (pun intended), but once you are free of sugar it is like having a new lease on life.
  • Sugar affects everything; your organs, your mood, your skin and your metabolism. Excess sugar consumption leads to diabetes and insulin resistance and weight gain, notably around your midsection. Sugar also affects your ability to tell when you are full, because you misinterpret sugar cravings as hunger and eat more. When you don't eat sugar, you remember what true hunger is and you eat less because you feel full naturally.
  • Sugar ages you. It causes free radicals to race around your body damaging every cell they possibly can. Result, you age faster and die younger because the cells in your organs have been damaged too.
  • Sugar affects sleep and energy levels, as I proved thanks to my own little experiment last night. When you are on the sugar roller coaster you have highs and lows. If you are on a sugar high when it is time to sleep, then that is the one thing you won't be doing. After a sugar high you slump, you lack energy and you start craving your next hit.
  • Sugar causes weight gain. Excess glucose is stored as fat. Lots of excess fat equals obesity. Obesity equals chronic disease. Need I say more?

Anyway, that is my little anti-sugar rant for the day. I am grateful I reminded myself why I don't eat sugar. Now I can move forward, even more assured that what I am doing is right. The good news is, today I haven't had any sugar and I feel wonderful.

Why don't you eat sugar? What reasons do you give?

Keep healthy and for the love of your body, don't eat sugar,

Erica xx