Fork on the Road - Food Festivals, Friends and a Fab Weekend

What a fab weekend! For me, the first weekend of spring was gorgeous. The sun was shining the whole weekend, I got to enjoy a relaxing weekend, without too much homework and in the company of great friends. It was just magical and I truly felt as though I was living life and enjoying all its simplest pleasures. On Saturday, after enjoying a rather warm game of hockey, one of my loveliest friends and I ventured to Fork on the Road, a foodie festival which is basically a gathering of food vans from across Adelaide in one spot at one time. The sun was shining, my stomach was empty and we had a picnic rug on the lawn. Now, it was not exclusively a healthy food festival, there were burgers, chips, churros and other unhealthy things, but there was also a great selection of delicious and nutritious food. Let me recount to you the delectable lunch I enjoyed:

It started (as all good meals do) with a fresh juice of strawberries, apples, mango and blueberries (not exactly a green juice, but utterly delicious). And here is the pic:

Our liquid entrée.

Next, we went to a fantastic vegetarian stall, where we got a meal of carrot and quinoa salad, chickpea and mushroom salad, with two large, homemade falafels and hommus on top. My friend and I shared this to ensure we had room for more food from other stalls. It was probably my favourite course of the afternoon. Here's the pic of it, half devoured...

Vego delight in one container!

We then decided to try a slightly less healthy BBQ pulled pork, without the bun. It reminded me of a good paleo meal, a good serving of mouth-watering pulled pork with a side of 'apple' slaw (coleslaw with crisp apple in it). It was also delicious, although I really was quite full after all of that. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the pork plate, so your imagination of my description will have to suffice.

Finally, dessert in the form of a gluten free brownie from a gorgeous little stall called Four Seeds. It was not healthy, but a fantastic little treat that I saved until after my friend and I took a 45 minute sunshine-filled stroll back to her house through the parks and suburbs (which helped to burn off some of my food baby...). It was DELICIOUS! Although very sweet, as it was my first real sugary thing in quite some time.

It was quite a treat!

The thing is little treats like that are just a part of life. I don't have them often, but when I do I enjoy them, because they are sweet and delicious. What was even more sweet was the weather, which was clear blue sky perfection and Vitamin D inducing sunshine. Plus, I had great company which just completed my perfect Saturday.

Sunday, I woke to discover, was equally as gorgeous weather-wise. I met a friend who I hadn't seen in quite some time and we chatted over lunch, a movie and some window-shopping, which was also wonderful.

This weekend made me supremely grateful for a few things:

  • Good food and the pleasure of eating.
  • The beauty and life that is the onset of spring.
  • The amazingness of good friends and how much they can make your day.

What did you do this weekend? What are you grateful for? What are your goals for this month (September)?

Keep healthy, happy, Erica xx

P.S. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad, without whom I would be lost.