Homemade Chocolate Recipes

Last week I posted about the benefits of cacao, the bean that chocolate is made from, and the difference between cacao and cocoa (BIG DIFFERENCE.... and not just in the spelling). The great news is just because you have decided to ditch sugar and processed junk (aka your standard chocolate bars), doesn't mean you miss out on chocolate at all! In fact, there are already a number of great companies who make raw cacao chocolate bars in a wide variety of flavours. So if you are not quite ready to tackle making your own chocolate (which is dead easy, by the way), then check out the great range from Loving Earth, Pana Chocolate and Sacred Chocolate, or check the chocolate section at your nearest health food store.

Alternately, if you feel like getting down and dirty in your own homemade chocolate adventures (and who doesn't want that?), then have a go at making your very own chocolate from scratch. Your base ingredients will be raw cacao powder, coconut oil or cacao butter (a smooth butter made from the cacao bean), plus some kind of natural sweetener. Then the flavours and inclusions are endless! You can add in goji berries and shredded coconut, bee pollen, chopped nuts or even coat your strawberries in chocolate. Here are a few recipe ideas for making your own chocolate:

Do you make your own chocolate? What are your favourite chocolate recipes?

Keep healthy, Erica xx