Why You Should Write a Gratitude List (a reminder from the Universe)

I always find myself a little surprised when the Universe sends me little reminders, as simple as they may be. Now, I am not crazy, I swear, but I have written previously about the value of keeping a gratitude journal and I kept one daily for many months last year before I stopped. Then yesterday I ended up in a waiting room with a lot of time on my hands. Beside me was the typical side-table of magazines and books, except there was a little book of gratitude, entitled 'For this I am grateful.' So I picked it up and read all 400 quotes from people of all ages. Some made me laugh, others were incredibly touching. After finishing this book, I grabbed my mobile phone (which is always close by) and wrote my very own gratitude list. This is what it looks like so far: For these things I am grateful:

  • My sister, who despite our rare disagreements, is my best friend and companion in life.
  • My parents, who work their butts off to give me everything I could ever want or need and who, in doing so, have taught me the value of hard work and commitment.
  • Mistakes, they bother me a lot but after a while I learn their value and they teach me important lessons.
  • A hot cup of tea nestled between two knees and a blanket.
  • Romantic novels that keep my belief in true love alive.
  • Yoga, for the awesome, flexible, calm and happy-I-could-conquer-the-world feeling afterwards.
  • My school (my dream school), the place that is more of a home to me than a school.
  • The future, the endless possibilities and uncertainties it holds for me and the stories in my life yet to be written.
  • My dogs, who despite wanting to lick me at all times, remain my gorgeous, understanding and playful pets.
  • Death, for it gives me a reason to truly live.
  • Little reminders from the Universe that I find in waiting rooms.
  • My Nana, who is kind-hearted, generous and who I have always looked up to.
  • My friends, old and new, near and far, who will love me unconditionally for as long as I live.
  • Intelligent, deep, authentic conversation, which is the reason I love meeting new people.
  • My own company and the contentment I find in it.
  • Food! The nourishment it provides for the body and soul and the passion it gives me for life.
  • Traditions, they remind me of my childhood and simpler times.
  • Play, fun and laughter, which are often forgotten in the crazy, fast-paced world we live in.
  • Sleep, especially after a long, busy day.
  • My country, in which I am safe, lucky and appreciated.
  • Technology, for making life easier and connecting me to the rest of the world.
  • My blog, for allowing me to share my stories with the world and leading me to find some of the greatest inspirations ever.
  • Hugs that reach the heart.
  • Silence, and its serenity.
  • Travel, it gives me a glimpse into the lives of everyone else on the planet.
  • My cousin, who always makes me laugh until I cry with her zany, unique personality.
  • My Mum, who works harder than anyone I know, loves me more than I can ever imagine and inspires me every day.
  • My Dad, who is a gentle giant in my world and doesn't need words or even actions to let me know he loves me.
  • My Grandpa, for his endless stories, facts and jokes that never fail to amuse me. And his ability to know everyone in our town and maintain so many friendships!
  • My Grandma, whose passion for travel, French and food have impacted on me. And who insists I have a second (or third serving) of her gluten free chocolate sauce pudding.
  • My Pa, he is generous and always willing to help us out.
  • Farmer's markets, because fresh produce to me just looks like life.
  • Long walks with a friend, when you can talk about everything and anything.
  • My opinions and beliefs, they are what make me, me.

I have no doubt that this list will grow, but even re-typing it I am smiling and feel an immediate sense of joy and most of all gratitude at the incredible blessings in my life.

I urge you to take some time, on a piece of paper, in a journal or on a phone, to write your own gratitude list. Or, list all of your friends and family and write one reason why you love each of them. Then, next time you are feeling a little down just read (even just a part of) your list. I guarantee you will feel just a little bit (if not a lot) better.

Keep happy, healthy and grateful,

Erica xx